Client Feedback

Dear Len, I wish to express my gratitude for your amazing Hypnotic help. For many years I had a fear of anaesthetic after 2 bad experiences. So when told urgent surgery was necessary due to recurring gallstone attacks I was full of dread and fear, which was so bad I twice rejected the surgery when my name came up. However a session with Len made all the difference. He suggested there was nothing to fear and I would actually be so relaxed I would chat with the theatre staff prior to receiving the anaesthetic ! This proved to be exactly what happened. During my recovery 2 other surgeries were necessary and I was a bit nervous wondering how I would behave. I need not have had any concerns. My fear has gone and I cant thank you enough. You are a real lifesaver*. Bless you. sincerely, Ruth Aylott 

Ruth Aylott, 15 October, 2015.

Just some feedback for Len, It has been amazing. No smoking, no cravings, no moods, no nothing! I have referred your business to many of my friends and family*.

Romaine Goodwin, March 2012.