Client Feedback

Just to let you know that yesterday was four months since I quit smoking. My last smoke was on 26 October 2012 immediately before my session with Len. I haven’t smoked since. I smoked for 44 years. I won’t ever again. Most of the problem was habit with addiction a secondary (but hard) issue*. Many thanks, Brian.

Brian Fitzgerald, February 2013.

I can’t sing the praises of Len’s hypnotherapy enough. I went in a little sceptical , But Len made me feel more than comfortable. The fact that he takes the time to get to know about you and your past so that he can best serve your needs is great. I walked out without even the thought of a smoke. No Cravings, No Crankiness…… To me it’s a miracle. If you walk in with a positive attitude and really take on board what he says, I believe you will stop smoking*. 

Amanda Hayhoe. February 2014.

Hi Len, Still going strong since our appointment in June. No urges! Thank you. When I tell people about you they ask me if you do Hypnosis for weight which I'm sure would work just as well?* Regards Jeanette


Dear Len and staff, It has now been over a year since my appointment with you for a session to stop smoking (2nd August 2013) - I am very proud to say I have not had a cigarette since. I am a different person.. I cannot thank you enough.. I have been meaning to send this email for some time and I apologise for the tardiness but the reality hit the other day when my 17 year old son and I were cleaning out our kitchen drawers in preparation for a house move. We came across 5 different cigarette lighters.. We lined them up on the bench and my son looked at me and said "Mum, why do we have so many lighters??'… It took us both a full minute to realise and remember I had been a smoker!! We laughed and then I cried and then we laughed so more. Such an amazing feeling to not only be able to give up smoking but literally forget you ever smoked! I had so many former smokers say - there isn't a day goes by when I don't want one.. I have never had that, not once. The mantra you gave me still is memorised today and comes out at times of need. Something more happened that day. Something in our session flicked a switch on who I really am and the strength that I do have. I have always underestimated myself but you made me see that I can do and be what I want. I am about to commence retraining in a whole new area at 41years old - because I can! I have a calmness now that I had to force before now it just comes naturally - I thank you for that at a very personal level. I know these are only words but Len - thank you for giving me my life back. And thank you for making my life now potentially very much longer by not smoking :) Thank you again and take care of your amazing talent*. Kindest and warmest regards Trish, October 2014.

I had a couple of moments today when I thought I was feeling anxious and I changed my thought pattern and told my self I don't suffer anxiety any more and I found myself smiling, so that was a very new feeling to me. And, I just know that every day I am going to do something new that I have not done for years. As I said I can't thank you enough Len*. Thank you so much, Annette.

 Annette Bell