Before & After Hypnosis - Exercise & Lifestyle Changes

I saw Len in 2012 to stop smoking.  To my amazement I succeeded (I was skeptical!).  

Having dealt with the smoking, I decided that 2013 was going to be a year focussing on other health issues I needed to deal with. I used to be a keen runner and quite fit when I was younger but serious back problems were making it increasingly difficult to maintain even a moderate level of fitness. I have scoliosis, arthritis in my lumbar and thoracic spine, a bulging disc and degenerative disc disease.  I was on medication that was no longer helping and my GP had given me a referral to the specialist to find out if surgery -  and a rod in my spine  - was the next step. I was frustrated and depressed and was finding it near impossible to be consistent with the recommended exercise and was putting on weight.  I wanted to get fit again.   I decided to make another appointment with Len. 

The day before my session I asked my daughter to take some before pics. I wanted to see if at 46 I could make a difference to my body shape and condition… anyone around that  age will know it’s near impossible to shift even a kilo once you’re past 40!?  In March 2013 I saw Len - I had a good plan and some serious goals.  To sum them up in general terms - I wanted to do all the things I knew were good for me - eat better, drink more water, meditate regularly and exercise consistently. 


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I also wanted to try Bikram Yoga which I'd heard was excellent for bad backs.  I'd been trying to get myself to a class for about 3 months but was scared - it's 40 degrees in the yoga room and a 90 minute class. Basically sounded like hell.  I just couldn't pluck up the courage to go. 

The day after my session with Len I went to my first Bikram class and we had a very big surprise 5 months later when my daughter took some ‘after’ photos and we compared them.

So the photos on the left were taken in March 2013, those on the right, in July 2013. In that time I did 84 Bikram classes, including a 30 day challenge in June. I also changed my diet. I decided to stay off dairy and started eating a lot more fruit during the day, and mainly veg at night for my main meal.  I also drank a lot more water than usual - a must with the yoga.  I think the combination of Bikram, clean eating and lots of water really worked. The best thing is that believe it or not it wasn't hard. Everything I did seemed to compliment everything else. 


*Please note that while the majority of our clients have great results we cannot by law or otherwise guarantee individual outcomes.


This probably sounds just as much like a testimonial for Bikram yoga - which I guess it is (Bikram Yoga Kingston btw!) - but I don't think I would have got my foot in the door if I hadn't had that session with Len.  I was able to stop the medication I was on within 2 months of regular yoga, and still no rod in my spine!  The changes to my diet and overall lifestyle were also key aspects of my session with Len and I've honestly never found making such significant changes so easy.  I'm also really glad we took the pics - so great to see results!  Anyway, I wouldn’t normally do something like this (hence anonymous), but I just want to share if it helps anyone else.*     Anonymous Oct 2015

Ps: I am happy to speak to anyone about my experience if you just send your details via the contact page they will be passed on to me. 

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*Please note that while the majority of our clients have great results we cannot by law or otherwise guarantee individual outcomes.