Anxiety and Depression

Hi Len & Maria, Thank you very much for an easy, pleasant experience. I had done some reading about hypnotherapy prior to my session with Len, but still didn’t know what to expect. In the end, it was the deepest relaxation I’ve ever experienced, similar to a deep meditative state. I have recently been suffering with anxiety and depression. It started with the bushfires last year, then was compounded by working as an ICU nurse during Covid. Then my daughter was in hospital amnesic and unable to walk (she’s now better). Immigrating here from the US 13 years ago, I have no family in Australia, only overseas. The bushfires and pandemic have prevented us from seeing our family for two years now, which is a very long time for us!! It had gotten me very depressed, and I had lost motivation and was often cranky or crying.   In January and February I began experiencing anxiety with associated chest pains and shortness of breath. The sensation would occur with major and minor life disruptions, and even impeded my ability to handle emergency situations at work. I had also been doing a bit of singing with a friend’s band, and had severe performance anxiety before going on stage. I would be up at night with chest pains before and after the performance.In December I went to the GP and was diagnosed with severe anxiety and moderate depression. In the next breath she told me there aren’t any resources for help in our area, unless it is strictly bushfire related. I was sent home with no help or resources, and told to come back if I got worse!!  Recently a friend had told me about her experience with hypnotherapy, which resolved an issue she had with recurring hives. After doing some reading and internet searching, I decided to book in with Len to curb this anxiety.The hypnotherapy session was professional, and I always felt very safe.Immediately afterward I felt very different. A new positive affirmation kept zinging through my thoughts! And since I’ve had the session with Len, I’ve been almost completely free from anxiety and depression! I was able to get up on stage and sing with my friend’s band with only minimal butterflies.  And last night at work, the worst anxiety-provoking type of patient came in:  A child requiring full resuscitation at 2am! Last year these situations left me so anxious and panicked about making a mistake in front of my colleagues that I couldn’t do my job properly. But last night I didn’t even feel anxious at all. With a great team of doctors and nurses, I was able to perform my job very well, and the child had a good outcome. I never could have done this before my therapy session!  My favourite thing so far has been waking up happy! What a blessing and relief! You have truly taken a very heavy burden off of my shoulders. I’ve also quit coffee (it now gives me that fluttery feeling in the chest), and have started yoga. Maria mentioned these when I booked in, and they have left me feeling so peaceful and focussed.Thank you both so much for the work you do to help people!!!! You have changed my life!!!   ❤️Bethany

Bethany, February 2021