Hypnosis Canberra

Hypnosis can facilitate profound, lasting changes to enhance your ability to overcome personal challenges and acheive your goals.  Our practitoner,  Len Forbes uses Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques as well as hypnotherapy to help people with addictions, weight management (overeating, comfort eating, obesity, bullimia, anorexia), stress, anxiety and related issues like insomnia and trichotillomania

With over 15 years experience, Len has also worked successfully with clients suffering with phobias (eg. spiders, flying, anaesthetics, needles), and equally debillitating conditions like confidence and motivation.  


For more information about how treatment might help you we offer a free 1/2 hour phone consultation.  Call Maria directly on 0404 039 177.  Alternatively, send an email with any questions and we'll get back to you asap.  We can usually get back to emails same day.  We also have clients who are happy to talk to you about their experience if you'd to speak to someone about what the session is like, what to expect etc.